Module 2 – Class 1

Good morning everyone 🙂

We have the start of a new week and we are only one day from our next C++ class.
As you know we have started the 2nd module and we would like to perfect our curriculum based on what we see and what kind of feedback we will get. So please come forward as this is created for you.

Again this week we are based at Mimecast (Thank you very much for this Oli)
Very important – in our previous class, someone used a magnet to keep the main door to Mimecast open. The security guard spotted that and reported to the company if there is another incident like this we will not be offered space at Mimecast so it is super important that you keep an eye on that!!!

On a brighter note, there is a new chapter for C++ London Uni 🙂
Michael Klose setup C++ SF Bay Are Uni for more details please follow this link
if you are in SF or around please get in touch with Michel 🙂

In the meantime, I am waiting for confirmation from SkillsMatter about further dates classes so please bear with me 🙂

Workshops – the idea behind the workshop is to provide you with better resource then book, online course or even onsite class. This is the place where you can collaboratively work on C++ problems, so if you really want to make a difference to your C++ do not skip this part as it will pay you dividends very quickly.

Finally, if you benefit from our work please help us and support us 🙂

Ways you can help:

  1. GoFundMe – We are raising money for the replacement laptop for Tristan
  2. Send potential sponsors to me 🙂
  3. Buy memory sticks with live USB Linux distribution to be used if you have problems with setting up your laptop with development tools.
  4. Make sure Tristan and Oli have a beer and some hot food in pub afterwards.

I think that’s all for now 🙂

see you tomorrow!!

Tom Breza
Group Host

Final Class summer 2018

Hi everyone

It is good to be back I have missed one class and it felt so wired. But I am back and I am ready to do my normal tasks.

Some of you might know but our final class for this module is done (and dusted) and we are starting a new class next Tuesday.
We are starting from module one, the most basic and we will continue with each module containing 4 weeks (roughly).
The main reason for this change was due to the fact that our last course stretched quite a lot and we didn’t manage to cover all subjects. On another hand, new students didn’t want to join halfway through. We hope this will keep us more disciplined and progress further.

Another news is that we are quickly approaching 1 year anniversary and we are planning something special for that day so join us on our class at the start of October

Certification, certification, certification! I know on your mind is certification. Well, the idea is to get people up to speed on all modules and allow them to take the test when we cover a sufficient amount of material. I am sorry for people from the last course they will have to be a bit patient.
On the positive side, you will have more time to practise

Finally, I would like to say massive thank you to Oliver and Mimecast for providing space for our class and amazing Pizza

And Of course big thank you to Tristan for leading the class!

btw! we are still raising money to buy MacBook for Tristan so if you benefited from our class please help us to achieve this goal!

Please check our website for details about our classes and workshops!

with best regards
Tom Breza
Group Host

C++ OOP – 1st Class 2018

Hi folks,

Oliver filling in for Tom this week since this is in fact our 42nd class in total and thus a class that was The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything.

Well, perhaps not. But it did mark the beginning of our more modular and topical approach to the lesson structure. We initially covered the aggregate results of the module test from the previous series – perhaps the most interesting take-away was that everyone who took part was able to gauge themselves quite accurately. More than half of you did reasonably well on the test and the rest have some revising to do though nobody completely blanked the test so we’re happy to see everyone is learning, even if at different paces.

So, with that in mind, we’re expecting our modular, topical approach to benefit learners who are at various speeds of absorption by giving you the opportunity to rapidly resume your studies rather than having to wait for a full-blown course to finish before we restart.

In the most recent lesson at the time of writing, we covered the core OOP concepts and basic design considerations around creating reusable and well-specified structs/classes along with the paradigm of the object instance model.

In the upcoming class, we’ll be diving deeper into how you can leverage OOP to implement the concept commonly known as “interfacing” in other language via the “virtual” keyword that exists in the C++ language and then inheriting from your interface struct/class.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

15th Class 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

Today we have at least in South London fairly cloudy and rainy day but I do hope you are having a great day as it is still a full day before we are back at work.

Last week we have covered the last part of the new material, this is done for at least three reasons.

  1. Some people lag behind with the material and struggle as a result to cope with new material.
  2. Another group of our students fly by this material and is ready to get to more advanced topics.
  3. And the final group are new students who want to join us, however, they are discouraged when they see we are in week 15. It is a daunting prospect for someone to start in the middle of the course.

So our next week class we will have class split into two parts,
at the start we do a revision of all material covered to the date. And the second part will be an exam.

People who pass an exam will be welcomed to move forward with us to more advanced tasks. Others will be encouraged to redo our entry module to give yourself more time.

Currently, we are chatting about the format of the new course, and we have so far few ideas.
There are two main proposals.
1st- the first part of the class will be more basic and int the second part we will cover more advanced topics.
2nd – we will split classes on per week basis, one week will be entry level C++ and next week we will have advanced C++ class.

Each of this classes has its own cons and pross and we are not sure which will be a better fit so we will have to do some experiments and see.
We are talking now with Skills Matter to see if they would be happy to accommodate us on Thursday or Wednesday where our students could meet for a workshop. An idea is to have an unsupervised meeting where students will have a chance to do exercises that cover material we have covered on their own. But don’t freat we are hoping to ensure that on this meetings there are people who have some experience and can help you out in case you get stuck. Our idea is for us to be on some of this workshops plus we will encourage our advanced students to be part of this as nothing teach you better than teaching other people.

Fundraising for Tristan Laptop –
As you might have heard Tristan Laptop is on its last legs, 2 weeks ago keyboard stopped working, and Tristan managed to complete his slides only when I got him an external keyboard. On top of that battery does not hold any charge.
My idea as one of the student is to help Tristan get a new laptop as he spends a lot of time working on it while preparing slides for us and running class fro it.
Our goal is to get to £1750 and so far we have managed to get to £290. So I have a big favour to ask you. If you like our classes and you are benefiting from it please help us to get to this goal. We need your help as we can’t do that on our own 🙂

Wow, this post turns out to be quite long 😀 So not to take more of your day and my Sunday (my family is already prompting me to start cooking Sunday roast) I hope to see you next week.

Tom Breza
Group Host

We had last week 17 people onsite and 7 online in our class.

14th Class

Surprise surprise!
I was planning to write our blog in my office today but my wife made a surprise camping trip for us and I am writing this blog post on my phone sitting in the middle of the forest.

In our previous two sessions, Tristan was talking about classes, constructors, copy constructors etc.
As we are now on week 15 we had to check our progress and it turns out that we are very slow and at the current pace we would be done with this course by end of the year which is a bit too slow.

Additionally we have noticed that not everyone is keeping up with the course so we had to made some adjustments as it is not fair for people who are spot on to keep such slow pace, plus we want to give a chance to new students to join us as well.

So, our next class will be the last class where we introduce new material and the class after that will consist of some revision and a final module test.

Those students passing the test will be able to continue onto the next module. Those who do not pass can retake from the beginning of our new course. This way we can sort people who make faster progress from students that need more time.
Additionally we want to separate exercises from our main class and try to arrange another session in the same week where people can work on their exercises. As this way we have much more control over the pace of course.

Finally, our teacher Tristan’s laptop is on its last legs. When Tristan was trying to prepare slides for our last class, his keyboard decided to break. So in order for Tristan to continue teaching us we have to find way to help him. We are considering two options first is optimistic where all our students can help us via go fund me page and we might be able to buy new Macbook 13″ since his current one is already quite old or the second one more pessimistic where we can hopefully pay for repair.
At the moment we have around £250-£300 promised or pledged and our goal is £1750 so if you feel that our class helped you you are encouraged to help us 🙂

In the meantime have a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Tom Breza
Group Host

We had 25 people onsite and 5 online.

12th Class 2018

Hey everyone 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

if anyone opens our website it is updated and done thanks to Oliver effort!
a massive thank you, Oli for this!!!
This new website will be expanded and it will provide us with more functionality, to make our course more accessible to you.

I have booked more classes at so please RSVP as soon as you can to ensure we have a big room.

On our last class, we have covered first of all we done some revision plus special members functions, constructors, destructors.

In 12th Class, we had 17 people onsite and 9 remotes.

Tom Breza
Group host



11th Class 2018

Hi Everyone 🙂

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend 😛

Last week Tristan was teaching us about struct idea and it turns out this class was very interactive. There were tons of questions and people really wanted to go on the deeper end 😉 Due to this Tristan only managed to cover half of his material prepared for the class so on our next session we will continue where we left of.

In order to make better use of the book and have more consistency with the class, we have decided to create a list of tasks that will be covered
during the class.

During the Class:
Exercises ratio 1 per 7 slides
Github Class integration
ask questions so people can complete answers
answer questions asked by students
Lighting Talks
Modules tests

Chapter(s) to read from the book
External material to read/watch

Our new website, unfortunately, we had a bit of setback. One of our students that was trying to help us had to pool out due to workload, so we are you could say at square one trying to find a person that would be happy to lead the project and build a website for us. If you are interested in this project please get in touch with me. Done.

Next week class we are back in please RSVP as soon as you can, you know the drill 😉

We had 21 people onsite and 8 remotes. A full list of names will be published (hopefully) on our new website.

Tom Breza
Group Host


10th Class 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

This week I am late due to my work and my son birthday party, I am sorry about this. I hope this week I will be on top of my stuff. 😛

Last class, we have covered exercises prepared by Tristan and class was lead by Oli. After this, we have gone to a pub to watch England defeated Columbia. Which was a nice ending of the day.

Thank you for this who came to see me about tips for beer and meal for the tutors! That is greatly appreciated. 🙂

In our class, I have recommended a book that is not about C++ but it is great book nevertheless and helps with our Mindset. As C++ is fairly difficult we do appreciate any help we can get. If you want to find read this book you can buy it on Amazon or any other bookseller

On our next class, we will deal with custom types and struct 🙂

Finally please RSVP as soon as you can preferably today to ensure there is pass printed for you as our class will take place in Mimecast.

List of people that participate in the class:
I am collecting this in one spreadsheet, I want to publish this on our(new) website in one place as this will allow me to skip copy and past a lot of the same content.

Tom Breza
Group Host

9th Class 2018

This blog post update is a bit later, I am sorry about this.
On our last class, we finally discussed the most popular container in C++ vector. Plus we had a short test to check your progress and discussing results of this test.

Our next class, we want to do some exercises with a vector as this is the most popular container and you will use it frequently it is a good idea for you to be comfortable with it. Depending on how much time we have we might expand to another topic. We will work on a small app and there will be some live coding 🙂

Homework – please do drills from chapter 18.

Next class location
3rd July  2018 – please RSVP on
10th July 2018 – please RSVP on our website class will take place at Mimecast
17th July 2018 – please RSVP on

We had 9 people online in our last class and 24 onsite. I will upload a file that contains all names of people soon (on a new website where I don’t have to copy and past in each blog peoples details)

in the meantime have a great weekend

Tom Breza
Group Host