Final Class summer 2018

Hi everyone

It is good to be back I have missed one class and it felt so wired. But I am back and I am ready to do my normal tasks.

Some of you might know but our final class for this module is done (and dusted) and we are starting a new class next Tuesday.
We are starting from module one, the most basic and we will continue with each module containing 4 weeks (roughly).
The main reason for this change was due to the fact that our last course stretched quite a lot and we didn’t manage to cover all subjects. On another hand, new students didn’t want to join halfway through. We hope this will keep us more disciplined and progress further.

Another news is that we are quickly approaching 1 year anniversary and we are planning something special for that day so join us on our class at the start of October

Certification, certification, certification! I know on your mind is certification. Well, the idea is to get people up to speed on all modules and allow them to take the test when we cover a sufficient amount of material. I am sorry for people from the last course they will have to be a bit patient.
On the positive side, you will have more time to practise

Finally, I would like to say massive thank you to Oliver and Mimecast for providing space for our class and amazing Pizza

And Of course big thank you to Tristan for leading the class!

btw! we are still raising money to buy MacBook for Tristan so if you benefited from our class please help us to achieve this goal!

Please check our website for details about our classes and workshops!

with best regards
Tom Breza
Group Host

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