C++ OOP – 1st Class 2018

Hi folks,

Oliver filling in for Tom this week since this is in fact our 42nd class in total and thus a class that was The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything.

Well, perhaps not. But it did mark the beginning of our more modular and topical approach to the lesson structure. We initially covered the aggregate results of the module test from the previous series – perhaps the most interesting take-away was that everyone who took part was able to gauge themselves quite accurately. More than half of you did reasonably well on the test and the rest have some revising to do though nobody completely blanked the test so we’re happy to see everyone is learning, even if at different paces.

So, with that in mind, we’re expecting our modular, topical approach to benefit learners who are at various speeds of absorption by giving you the opportunity to rapidly resume your studies rather than having to wait for a full-blown course to finish before we restart.

In the most recent lesson at the time of writing, we covered the core OOP concepts and basic design considerations around creating reusable and well-specified structs/classes along with the paradigm of the object instance model.

In the upcoming class, we’ll be diving deeper into how you can leverage OOP to implement the concept commonly known as “interfacing” in other language via the “virtual” keyword that exists in the C++ language and then inheriting from your interface struct/class.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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