15th Class 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

Today we have at least in South London fairly cloudy and rainy day but I do hope you are having a great day as it is still a full day before we are back at work.

Last week we have covered the last part of the new material, this is done for at least three reasons.

  1. Some people lag behind with the material and struggle as a result to cope with new material.
  2. Another group of our students fly by this material and is ready to get to more advanced topics.
  3. And the final group are new students who want to join us, however, they are discouraged when they see we are in week 15. It is a daunting prospect for someone to start in the middle of the course.

So our next week class we will have class split into two parts,
at the start we do a revision of all material covered to the date. And the second part will be an exam.

People who pass an exam will be welcomed to move forward with us to more advanced tasks. Others will be encouraged to redo our entry module to give yourself more time.

Currently, we are chatting about the format of the new course, and we have so far few ideas.
There are two main proposals.
1st- the first part of the class will be more basic and int the second part we will cover more advanced topics.
2nd – we will split classes on per week basis, one week will be entry level C++ and next week we will have advanced C++ class.

Each of this classes has its own cons and pross and we are not sure which will be a better fit so we will have to do some experiments and see.
We are talking now with Skills Matter to see if they would be happy to accommodate us on Thursday or Wednesday where our students could meet for a workshop. An idea is to have an unsupervised meeting where students will have a chance to do exercises that cover material we have covered on their own. But don’t freat we are hoping to ensure that on this meetings there are people who have some experience and can help you out in case you get stuck. Our idea is for us to be on some of this workshops plus we will encourage our advanced students to be part of this as nothing teach you better than teaching other people.

Fundraising for Tristan Laptop –
As you might have heard Tristan Laptop is on its last legs, 2 weeks ago keyboard stopped working, and Tristan managed to complete his slides only when I got him an external keyboard. On top of that battery does not hold any charge.
My idea as one of the student is to help Tristan get a new laptop as he spends a lot of time working on it while preparing slides for us and running class fro it.
Our goal is to get to £1750 and so far we have managed to get to £290. So I have a big favour to ask you. If you like our classes and you are benefiting from it please help us to get to this goal. We need your help as we can’t do that on our own 🙂


Wow, this post turns out to be quite long 😀 So not to take more of your day and my Sunday (my family is already prompting me to start cooking Sunday roast) I hope to see you next week.

Tom Breza
Group Host

We had last week 17 people onsite and 7 online in our class.

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