14th Class

Surprise surprise!
I was planning to write our blog in my office today but my wife made a surprise camping trip for us and I am writing this blog post on my phone sitting in the middle of the forest.

In our previous two sessions, Tristan was talking about classes, constructors, copy constructors etc.
As we are now on week 15 we had to check our progress and it turns out that we are very slow and at the current pace we would be done with this course by end of the year which is a bit too slow.

Additionally we have noticed that not everyone is keeping up with the course so we had to made some adjustments as it is not fair for people who are spot on to keep such slow pace, plus we want to give a chance to new students to join us as well.

So, our next class will be the last class where we introduce new material and the class after that will consist of some revision and a final module test.

Those students passing the test will be able to continue onto the next module. Those who do not pass can retake from the beginning of our new course. This way we can sort people who make faster progress from students that need more time.
Additionally we want to separate exercises from our main class and try to arrange another session in the same week where people can work on their exercises. As this way we have much more control over the pace of course.

Finally, our teacher Tristan’s laptop is on its last legs. When Tristan was trying to prepare slides for our last class, his keyboard decided to break. So in order for Tristan to continue teaching us we have to find way to help him. We are considering two options first is optimistic where all our students can help us via go fund me page and we might be able to buy new Macbook 13″ since his current one is already quite old or the second one more pessimistic where we can hopefully pay for repair.
At the moment we have around £250-£300 promised or pledged and our goal is £1750 so if you feel that our class helped you you are encouraged to help us 🙂

In the meantime have a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Tom Breza
Group Host

We had 25 people onsite and 5 online.

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