11th Class 2018

Hi Everyone 🙂

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend 😛

Last week Tristan was teaching us about struct idea and it turns out this class was very interactive. There were tons of questions and people really wanted to go on the deeper end 😉 Due to this Tristan only managed to cover half of his material prepared for the class so on our next session we will continue where we left of.

In order to make better use of the book and have more consistency with the class, we have decided to create a list of tasks that will be covered
during the class.

During the Class:
Exercises ratio 1 per 7 slides
Github Class integration
ask questions so people can complete answers
answer questions asked by students
Lighting Talks
Modules tests

Chapter(s) to read from the book
External material to read/watch

Our new website, unfortunately, we had a bit of setback. One of our students that was trying to help us had to pool out due to workload, so we are you could say at square one trying to find a person that would be happy to lead the project and build a website for us. If you are interested in this project please get in touch with me. Done.

Next week class we are back in SkillsMatter.com please RSVP as soon as you can, you know the drill 😉


We had 21 people onsite and 8 remotes. A full list of names will be published (hopefully) on our new website.

Tom Breza
Group Host


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