10th Class 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

This week I am late due to my work and my son birthday party, I am sorry about this. I hope this week I will be on top of my stuff. 😛

Last class, we have covered exercises prepared by Tristan and class was lead by Oli. After this, we have gone to a pub to watch England defeated Columbia. Which was a nice ending of the day.

Thank you for this who came to see me about tips for beer and meal for the tutors! That is greatly appreciated. 🙂

In our class, I have recommended a book that is not about C++ but it is great book nevertheless and helps with our Mindset. As C++ is fairly difficult we do appreciate any help we can get. If you want to find read this book you can buy it on Amazon or any other bookseller

On our next class, we will deal with custom types and struct 🙂

Finally please RSVP as soon as you can preferably today to ensure there is pass printed for you as our class will take place in Mimecast.

List of people that participate in the class:
I am collecting this in one spreadsheet, I want to publish this on our(new) website in one place as this will allow me to skip copy and past a lot of the same content.

Tom Breza
Group Host

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