9th Class 2018

This blog post update is a bit later, I am sorry about this.
On our last class, we finally discussed the most popular container in C++ vector. Plus we had a short test to check your progress and discussing results of this test.

Our next class, we want to do some exercises with a vector as this is the most popular container and you will use it frequently it is a good idea for you to be comfortable with it. Depending on how much time we have we might expand to another topic. We will work on a small app and there will be some live coding 🙂

Homework – please do drills from chapter 18.

Next class location
3rd July  2018 – please RSVP on SkillsMatter.com
10th July 2018 – please RSVP on our website class will take place at Mimecast
17th July 2018 – please RSVP on SkillsMatter.com

We had 9 people online in our last class and 24 onsite. I will upload a file that contains all names of people soon (on a new website where I don’t have to copy and past in each blog peoples details)

in the meantime have a great weekend

Tom Breza
Group Host

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