8th Class 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

On our last class, we had chat about GIT and vector. Hmm no, we had only chat about Git, we run out of the time to cover vector.
Oliver explained how to use Git, and what commands better not use unless you are absolutely clear that is fine.
Additionally, Oliver show you result of the survey and based on this we will incorporate your feedback into our course.

Dates for classes – from what I can see we have following dates booked:
26th June – SkillsMatter.com
3rd July  – SkillsMatter.com
10th July – To Be Confirmed (NOT at SM)
17th July  – SkillsMatter.com
24th July  –  – SkillsMatter.com

Again if you could RSVP as soon as possible this will ensure that SM will/might provide us with a bigger room additionally I will try to book Mimecast for 10th June so we can stay in the same area.

Next Class – After our yesterday meeting we have decided that our next class will be split into the following subjects:
Q&A 15-30 min to answer your questions about material we have covered so far.
Module test 30-45 min where we will check your knowledge, there will be some multiple questions we will ask you and some code to do.
and final part will cover a bit more advanced stuff – vector.

Homework – review material we have covered so far.

CLion licenses – I am out of the licenses for now, but I have asked Phil to supply me with a new batch of licenses.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

Tom Breza

Group Host

List of people attending class is available upon request

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