7th Class 2018

Good morning everyone 🙂

Ok, last week we had a challenging class, as you are aware we had lots of difficulties, Oliver MacBook failed and on top, we struggled with a projector. Luckily we had Justin onsite and he literally saved the day 😉
Oliver was able to use Justin Mac and Justin managed to fix projector. A big thank you, Justin! However we didn’t manage to have a stream, but I hope Oli will upload class to our YouTube.

That is exactly why we are looking for sponsors, as it would make everyone lives much easier. If we can book a room in space as Skills Matter then we know there is a working environment with fast internet, projector, space with a desk for you to sit comfortably. So if you know someone that can help us please send them to me 🙂

Git classroom – we are getting better at using git for the classroom, last time it was experiment how to use it. Thanks to GitHub.com we have access to this environment and we would like it to use it even more in future.

Ruffle – as it turns out (we didn’t realise) but a batch of full licenses we had from JetBrains needs to be activated today! So we could not wait for Tuesday class and do ruffle during the class.  Oliver did the ruffle and

the winner is Simone Zaminga.

Next class – On our next class we have decided to teach you not exactly C++ but something that any developer can’t live without. Git!
Oliver will lead a class on Git, depending on how long this class will take we might add some additional material (from C++, and this will be run by Oliver or Tristan who is back from holiday)
Survey – I do believe if you participated in the survey it is a good idea to let you know what are the results. Plus it is great to know how this data will be used. So we will walk you through results from our survey and we will share with you ways of changing our classes based on the feedback we got from you.

Next Class – Our next class is at SkillsMatter, please RSVP as soon as possible. My kind request is if you could register asap this will ensure we can get bigger room plus by doing this you ensure that you do not end up on the waiting list.

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