5th Class – 2018

Hello everyone 🙂

Summer is upon us and we are just had our 5th class 🙂
I am constantly amazed how quickly time fly!

It is amazing to see so many faces back at our course 🙂 and we find really encouraging to see that majority are returning students, so we think we are doing something right 😉 but we have some new faces as well.

Some updates and news:
1. Me, Oliver and Tristan we were guests on CppCast podcast and if you would like to find out more about our group and our plans make sure you will download it and listen 🙂
2. Website –  Alex Garulli with few of other students and Jakub Nyckowski are working hard on building our new improved website 🙂  We are hoping to have something really cool to show you soon. Watch that space!!
3. Homework –
Read chapter 17 – about pointer arithmetic, string literals and array access.
Complete exercise 3 from chapter 17 from our book
Try exercise again with replacing char* with std::string& and note what changes did you need to make to the function implementation.
Complete exercises from chapter 17 – 4 & 5.
4. Slides from class 5 are here https://github.com/CPPLondonUni/course_materials_may2018/tree/master/week5
5. YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ZPyq3MTkQ
6. Our next class – and class after that will take place in Mimecast office. Please RSVP on OUR website as we will have to provide your name to print entry badges. We are unable to let anyone to the building without a badge (sorry)
7. Next class – we will dive into pointer properly and depend on how much time we have we might move along to another subject.
8. Our 7th class will be all about revision, so be ready for a module test 😛
9. Survey – Oliver will be sending you shortly a survey, please take few minutes and participate in it as it will help us greatly to change course to meet your expectations.

Tom Breza
Group Host

People Taking part in the class

Tristan Brindle – teacher

Oliver Ddin – technical assistance

Jakub Nyckowski – technical assistance

Tom Breza

Mabel Li

Jonathan Edwards

Laura Enria

Nora Denes

Adhanom Kiflom

Jessica Beech

Alexander Brown

Giacomo Sorbi

Andrew Couture

Laurent Bouvier

Gerry McGarry


Jeremy Keenan

Dalton Scott

Lapan Razeghi

John-Ross Rodrigues

Claudio Bvero

Dominic Richards

Philip Aleso

Samuel Der???

Matthew Spear

Matthew Lee

Adrian Kondrat

Roslyn Scott

online: +8

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