4th Class 2018

Hi Everyone,

Last week was very busy for us, apart from really good class delivered by Tristan we had a lot of things going on. Some in the background some in full view. So first things first:

One of our students is organising revamp of our website so shortly you should see much-improved website. Alex is working with another two students and Jakub one of our friends and technical assistants πŸ™‚ Thank you all for your help. We do appreciate this a lot!

We have an article published about our group in the magazine www.livingwithdisability.org at some point you can read the magazine online with our article, as currently, you can only see the previous issue.

we have a weekly lunch that is happening usually on Thursday or Friday where we discuss topics for the next week class. We invite our students to join us and help us improve our classes. During this lunches, we discuss various topics, from contents of the class, ways to improve our teaching, blogs, sponsor etc. If you would like to join us please let me know and I will send you a calendar invite. Most commonly we meet in Eat next to SkillsMatter.

Good news is that Github granted us access to Github class, this is an environment where we can provide you with a better experience for students. You will have the ability to get homework, slides etc from one place πŸ™‚ On our next class, we will ask everyone to create Github account if they don’t have it yet. So if you have a spare moment please set your account at www.github.com

Our aim is to create our website to a platform that will allow our students to increase their profile within C++ community. So we encourage you to write for us or write about us on other websites such as Dev.to. We would like you to write about your reasons why did you join us, what our group is doing for you, how we are changing your life?
Does our work benefit you in a way that you can improve your life?
as well you can write motivation post that is aimed at users who struggle, learning something new is not easy when life happens. There are situations when anyone of us is feeling down and think that they can’t do it for any number of reasons, but that is not the case, there are people who win this fight every day. If you could share your story and tell other people about your wins we feel it will help many on their journey to a new life πŸ™‚

Last week we had our 1st graduation, witch 3 students passing, we had 2 silver gradings and one bronze. What is amazing our students who graded received a prize from JetBrains.com  for 1 year CLion subscription πŸ™‚ A very big thank you JB team we do appreciate this!! and congratulation to students that have passed the test.
Finally a big thank you to the teachers that committed their time to teach us and spend many hours preparing, teaching and grading us πŸ™‚ A massive thank you, you are amazing πŸ™‚

Confirmation – we do publish our student’s (and teacher and teacher assistant) names on our website as a proof they were present in the classes. If you do not wish to be included please contact me and we will ensure your name is not featured on our website.

Next week class:
Our Class is happening at Skills Matter so please RSVP on their website to ensure you can enter the building.

I would like to let you know about our friends, who are not strictly speaking C++  group but they do meet weekly on Saturdays and give you opportunity to do some C++ coding every 2nd week. If you have some spare time please join them πŸ™‚


Slides from last week are here

Read chapter 4 from the book
Finish the last exercise from the slides
Complete drill from chapter 4
and finally, read chapter 7 to have head-start πŸ™‚

People who took part in the class:

Tristan Brindle – teacher

Oliver Ddin – technical assistance

Jakub Nyckowski – technical assistance

Tom Breza
Stan Bubbers
Mabel Li
Jonathan Edwards
Laura Eware
Pepe Baema
Cynthia Tian
Nora Denes
Adhanom Kiflom
Jessica Beech
Katherine Alvarez
Giacomo Mauger
Victor Jefferies
Peter ZemJak
Mike Lane
Alexander Brown
Giacomo Sorbi
Andrew Couture
Laurent Bouvier
Quiddale O’sullivan
Justin Caulfield
Gerry McGarry
Jeremy Keenan
Ming-Jou Wu
Oceane Lonneux
Bhak Shech

Online  12

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