3rd Class 2018

Hi everyone 🙂
As always I am writing my weekly blog about our last class and our plans for the next week.
Our Tuesday class was hosted in Mimecast (a big thank you Justing and Oli for arranging this!)
On Tuesday we were going through installing CLion and MingGW (GCC compiler), talk about Build System with CMake.
This class was full of theory which prepares us for coming weeks with lots and lots of coding 🙂

At the end of this session, all our students should have working CLion with 6 months license (if you need license please drop me an email and I will provide you with the license).

Our 4th class will be about basics loops, variable declaration, overloads, operator overloading

Locations, locations, locations.
As always I encourage you to check frequently our website as location might change due to factors outside our jurisdiction 🙂
However, as it stands for now following weeks will work like this:

22nd May – SkillsMatter
29th May – SkillsMatter
5th June – Mimecast
12th June – Mimecast
19th June – SkillsMatter
26th June Skillsmatter

RSVP- a general rule, please rsvp as soon as you can to ensure we have space for you. If you can’t make it please change your rsvp to NO.

Where to do RSVP?
if we meet at SkillsMatter.com – please RSVP on their website as this ensures you will be allowed to get inside their building. As we are a free event we might not always get a big room so space might be limited.
Mimecast/King – if we met at one of this sites they don’t have rsvp facility and we have to provide a list of people that will join us, in that case, you have to RSVP on our website cppLondonUni.com

Last minute changes
This might happen and I have to broadcast changes quickly to a large number of people. I try to use the following medium to communicate:
1. Twitter – my account is @xxvms (please follow me for up to date info)
2. Email from our website – you might get an email from my email account [email protected]
3. Slack – I will drop a message on our slack account

As always we are looking for feedback, good feedback is nice to our ego 😛 but we really like your negative feedback (for lack of better word)
If you think we could do something better and if you have suggestions how to do it please do not hesitate and let me know. No sane person will try to improve a perfect solution and we will be blissfully content that we have done everything as good as only can be without your thoughts! so don’t keep it to yourself and let us know.

Finally –

We are looking for people who would like to build their profile in Dev community if you want to write a blog post on our website please let me know. Topics which you can cover are something related to C++, your path to becoming a C++ developer, or maybe another type of blog post that would be interesting to other students. Don’t be shy!

Sadly I forgotten to take few photos with class full of people 🙁


We are still at the begging of the book as we are covering basics, but you can read chapter 5 and learn more about type of errors.

Tom Breza

Group Host

People who took part in the class:
Tristan Brindle – Teacher
Justin Meyer – Technical Assistance

Simone Zaminga

Johnathan Edwards

Pepe Biaena

Alexander Brocon

Jekaterina Bizyukova

Gerry McGarry

Bibiana Cristofoe

Alex Archez

Katherine Alvarez

Halim Lais

Shakeel Mohammed

Giacomo Sorbi

Oleane Lonneux

Jessica Beech

Shiv Upadyay

Laurent Bovier

Peter Zemjak

Victor Sefferiej

Chris Boulicia

Alex Garvlli

Quiddale O’Sullivan

Michael Lane

Bhavik Sheth

Canthia Tran

Andrew Couture

Paravez Awal

Claudio Povero

Tom Breza

Online: +11

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