1st Class – May 2018

Hello Everyone 🙂

On Tuesday we had our 1st session of the new course and if I can summarise it in one word it would be WOW.

As I have mentioned before our standard group size over last 6 months was around 10-20 people, and to our massive surprise for our 1st class we had over 330 people who signed up.

Sadly, due to restrictions, we could not host all people on our course which was a shame.  Due to health and safety, we could only get around 50-60 people onsite.

I will just for clarity explain our booking process as it is not as straightforward as we would like it to be.

Our main page is www.cpplondonuni.com – up here you will find all relevant information about us and classes. When the classes are scheduled and what they are about, info about your grading, homework etc. The most important for me is to get your email address to our database so I can contact you in an easy way. As you can imagine trying to email more then 300 people from Outlook is a bit tricky if you have to keep track who is who.

skillsmatter.com are our main provider of space. Thanks to the kindness of management team we can host our classes at no charge at their venue. However, if there is a commercial booking we will lose our spot on that day. But if you want to be guaranteed that you will get into the class please RSVP as soon as possible on the SkillsMatter website.

Twitter – I try to put all urgent information on Twitter as this is one of the fastest and popular media communication in C++ community. So please follow me for most up to date info. My twitter handle is @xxvms

GitHub – we have our own GitHub repo where we keep our exercises, code files etc.

YouTube – our youtube channel have all the videos that we have recorded, so please feel free to review them and learn. Plus we use YouTube for streaming our classes. However, due to the fact, we have to rely on many providers and they might have different opinions about what we are allowed and how we can stream as a result our streaming platform might change and short notice so please check my Twitter account or our Slack.

Slack – we have our slack account where students can share the ideas and talk about classes support and motivate each other 🙂 The Slack channel is #ug_uk_cpplondonuni on cpplang, please go to https://cpplang.now.sh/ for an “invitation” to join.

In our first class, we have covered Introduction to C++ where Tristan explained basics concepts from the C++ world.


1. Please obtain a copy of “Programming Principles and Practice using C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup. This will be our textbook for the course.

2. Please read chapters 2 and 3 from the book
3. If you feel confident to do so, please install CLion from jetbrains.com/clion/. This is the IDE we will be using for the course. Windows users may also need to install MinGW, the Windows version of the GCC compiler. We recommend this distribution.


Group Host
Tom Breza

People who took part in the class:
Tristan Brindle – Teacher
Oliver Ddin – Technical assistance

Debbie Ahakpo

Johnatan Edwards

Shakeel Mohammed

Alexander Brown

Kartik Upadhyay

Pepe Baena

Alex Gabulli

Hassan Sirelkhatim

Gerry McGarry

Peter Zemjak

Vicky Gray

Owen Tuz

Dmitry Rastorguev

Jekaterina Bieyakova

Demetra Cucueanu

Maggie Kefel

Simone Zaminga

Giacomo Sorbi

Oleane Lonneux

Claudio Povero

Parvez Awal

Laurent Bouvier

Nora Denes

Alice Sibley

Chris Burli

Victor Jefferies

Yu-Jin Tan

Bharik Sheth

Cynthia Tiau

Quidale O’Sulivan

Jonas Chidans

Luiz  Babriel B. Bargas

Aloyel Mehari Tewelde

Anhanon Kiflom

Jeremy Kelnm

Ming-Jou Wu

Manut Lee

John Higgins

Linh Nguyen

Alan Firth

Mike Here

Christopher Ayodele

Michael Harrold

Alex Archer

Bibiana Cristofol

Jessie Beech

Andrew Conture

Charlene Khoza

Tom Breza

Online: +21


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