26th Class – final class of 1st edition of the course

Good morning everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, I have some time to complete my overdue blog.

As in few previous blogs, there was a valid reason for my delay. This week it was my final exam for the 1st edition of the course. As I am almost done with my project I can relax a bit and spare time for other tasks ๐Ÿ™‚ Assuming I don’t find major bugs I should be done with my assignment at some point today.
I am not sure how is for other developers but I have found that at the start my project was exciting and I really enjoyed it a lot. By the end when I am finishing some imperfections that tasks become mundane and bit on boring. I did manage to cross this bridge (almost) and logic and execution are no longer in real will I get it only to be how to step it line by line and looks for any things that could be done better.

However, I do want to be back to my normal schedule which I publish our blog after lunch we have with Tristan and Oliver where we discuss topics for next week class. So this week expect a very exciting blog from our 1st class of new course.

When we started we had roughly 10-20 people per session, for the new course we have over 330 people.

As it is easy to imagine this number is a bit challenging, and it shows our weakness with RSVP system.

Our problem is that majority of our classes are booked withย  (SM) – SkillsMatters.com and thanks to their kindness we have space for free. However, if they have a commercial booking and someone is renting whole space we are losing a place for that day and we have to use alternative location.
Because of this, we can’t rely entirely on SM to provide us with RSVP facility.ย  On another hand, we can’t use our RSVP to complete a booking on SM website as they require all people to book directly on their website. Plus we have an unresolved issue about remote users as sponsors who pay to SM would like to know who is watching our classes.
Plus if students sign up on SM website and not on our we have no way to stay in touch with such person as SM can’t provide us with an email address for people who signed up for the class on their website.

As a result, we have a bit of mess and it is no easy way to clean that out.
So until we figure out (and talk to SM) we need from you to do 2 RSVP:
1st is on our website cppLondonUni.com and
2nd is on SkillsMatter.com

I know it is mundane and not very user-friendly but as they say in Poland: if you don’t have what you like you like what you have.
Until we don’t find a sponsor(s) that will help us with bills for streaming and renting space. This is something we have to live with ๐Ÿ™‚

Now back to our last week class, which was in fact last class from our 1st edition of the course.
We had 2 main topics covered in that class.
1st Oliver and Tristan assigned projects to people who were ready to test their skill with C++, and each person had a week to complete this assignment (end date is actually today 1st May 2018 19:00 GMT)

2nd Phil Nash was leading class about TDD – Test-driven development based on Catch, which as it happens is Phil project.
From my perspective, this was a really interesting class, a massive amount of information and as expected it was way over my head. My expectation with complex topics is that at the start you just absorb information and don’t worry about understanding all of it in one go. This class will have to be repeated many times. After few approaches, I normally start getting hang of it, so after 5-6 times subject stops being the surprise and you know what will be next step. Then you start expanding your understanding and memorising more details. So I encourage you to listen to recording from Phil.
Btw Phil will be organising a 2 days course if I am not mistaken dedicated to TDD ๐Ÿ™‚ so same thing we covered in 2 hours Phill will talk for 2 days. You got the picture ๐Ÿ˜€

finally, there is a new Video Blog about C++ that you might want to check out. it is called C++ chat, this should be a weekly conversation with John Kalb and Phil Nash. Phil and John will get an interesting guest on the show and will talk about recent C++ news ๐Ÿ™‚

so I hope to see you later on today ๐Ÿ™‚

Tom Breza
Group Host

People who took part in the class:

Phil Nash – Teacher
Tristan Brindle –ย Technical assistance
Oliver Ddin – Technical assistance
Justin Meyer – Technical assistance


Parvez Awal

Joshua Ewulo

Giacomo Sordi

Amy Sen… (unable to read)

Neil Burman

Hamza Ali

Rose Scott

Dalton Brown

Laurent Bouvier

Ming-Jou Wu

Tom Breza

Online +5

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