25th Class

Hi Everyone,

Finally, I have recovered enough from my massive cold and I have enough time to write my blog post about our past class and upcoming class.

Last week Tristan prepared a massive material that covers practically all our classes so far boiled down to one slide per session.
Our biggest worry when preparing for this week it was that we will cover all material in first 30 min with no questions from students but as it turns out that was unnecessary as we had plenty questions.
We had in fact so many questions that we run out of the time before we managed to cover all slides. Which in one way was great as it proved that there are many of our students that are engaging and learning. In short, we are very pleased with the outcome as proves to us that what we do helps other and our work is not in vain. So big thank you all 🙂

Our next session is kind of special for 2 main reasons.

Please, Please RSVP for our meeting on https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10838-c-plus-plus-london-university

1.  This will be our last session of the 1st edition of our course. At the start of the class students who want to participate in final exam will be assigned a project that they will need to complete. Coding should take around 8-12 hours of your time (if you would sit it through from start to finish) but to be realistic we are setting time to complete this assignment as 1 week. You can use the internet,  books and talk with other developers. However, what we ask you not to do is ask someone else to write a solution for you. You will have to be able to answer questions about design and decision you have taken during development. If in our opinion you have done the splendid job you will be graded and we will provide you with the certificate to reflect this. However, if you don’t pass you will have a chance to grade next time our course will be finished. Our aim is to create a tough test that will provide a value if you, later on, apply for a job so don’t expect easy solution 😉

If you are ONLINE USER Please email me your details
Your Name, Surname and Copy of your ID with a picture that we can add you to our database to my email [email protected]

2. Main course of this class is…. A few weeks ago we planned to bring Phil Nash to our class to teach us about CATCH, but for an unforeseen reason, this didn’t happen. However, we have managed to still fit Phil in our 1st edition of the course in our final class. So on Tuesday Phil will teach us about testing environment CATCH which he is an author of 🙂

Then from 1st May, we will start the 2nd edition of our course.
If you plan to follow our course please ensure you have a copy of “Programming Principles and Practise using C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup 2nd Edition – link to Amazon

Link to Tristan presentation – awaiting link
I hope to see you on Tuesday* and good luck with assignments 🙂 *(online or in person)

Tom Breza

Group Host

People who took part in the class:
Tristan Brindle – Teacher
Oliver Ddin – Technical assistance

Joshua Ewulo

Laurent Bouvier

Ming-Jou Wu

Chris Lawrence

Giacomo Sordi

Parvez Awal

Tom Breza

Online +3

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