24th Class

Hi Everyone,
This week I am behind the schedule due to my short trip to Krakow.
However, I am now back and working on our project
so without much of ado, I am moving back to our stuff.

So on our last class, we had advanced topic lead by Tristan about Perfect forwarding and move semantics.

You are moving then welcome to log on to our YouTube channel and watch it if you missed it.

Our next course is as it happens tomorrow and I hope to you in London or when you join our streaming session.

Following week 24th April we will have our final week of this current course and we have two interesting tasks for that class.

1. We will provide the list of projects our students can complete to graduate from. Our projects should be completed within 8-14 hours of coding, however, we will give our students approximately 1 week to complete this assignment. You can use google, books etc. The idea is that this project should be completed by you not someone else.
You have to understand how this project was build and why certain decisions were made.

2.  Finally, we have Phil Nash talking about Catch. So if you want to learn more about how to test your code, tune in on 24th.

During our tomorrow class, we will concentrate on revision and we will be taking suggestions from you, what are the parts of materials that are difficult. What would you like to have a refresh with?

As always please RSVP on our site and skillsmatter website

I hope to see you tomorrow 🙂 (online or in person)

Tom Breza

Group Host

People who took part in the class:
Tristan Brindle – Teacher
Oliver Ddin – Technical assistance
Justin Meyer – Technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier

Parvez Awal

Joshua Ewulo

Giacomo Sordi

Sima Zargar

Colin Newell

Ming-Jou Wu

Tom Breza

Online +6

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