23rd Class

Hi Everyone,

On our last session, we talked about CMake, Oliver walks us trough syntax how to interact with it and how to ensure your program compiles nicely 😀

Oliver presentation – awaiting the link

Now some updates and changes:

Our next class is about Perfect forwarding and Move Semantics. Class, as usual, will be happening on 10th March (Tuesday) at 18:15 GMT Please RSVP on our website and https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10836-c-plus-plus-london-university

Our new course will be starting on 1st May 2018 in London and as always will be streamed online. It will be happening as before every Tuesday evening.

We have now agreed that we will use
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Our idea is not to read from front to back, but be more selective and give you a better experience, allow you to read about the subject in advance before our class so the material will be easier to digest and absorb. Additionally we want to encourage our students to acquire book and any other material trough legal sources to follow spirit of our group that provides equal opportunity to everyone.

Polite notice – Food – we have small request, can we please ensure that there is no food consumed during the classes as this serves as a big distraction to other students and teacher.

Tom Breza
Group Host

People who took part in the class:
Oliver Ddin – Teacher
Tristan Brindle – Technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier
Joshua Ewulo

Colin Newell

Giacomo Sordi

Parvez Awal

Ming-Jou Wu

Tom Breza

Online +4

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