21st Class

Hi everyone,

Our 21st Class was on last Tuesday and we are nearing the end of our current course. But fret not we are already preparing a new version of our course and if all goes well our new course will start at the beginning of May.

But before that will happen there are some important things first:

1. We will have soon Phil Nash on 3rd April 2018 teaching us how to use Catch. This is a must-have skill if you are serious about becoming a developer.

2. After that, we will have a session dedicated to revision and following week we are planning a final test. We want to create a number of ideas for projects and student will have to create this project in code.

3. On completion of the project, the student will be graded, if the student passes the exam it will receive from us a diploma with their passing score.

4. Our next class is happening as usual on Tuesday 27th March in CodeNode/SkillsMatters. Please RSVP!!!

5. Remote users – I do hope that our standard YouTube link will work, however at some point skills matter will want to move us to their streaming platform. However, we will try to put all our classes on YouTube and of course, we will provide beforehand link to the current class on Twitter and our Slack channel.

6. Quote from our students – we still need more quotes and pictures from you. Please send us your photo and a one-line quote how do you benefit from our class? We will add this to our fundraising presentation for our potential sponsors. With your help, they can see that this project really helps real people.

Our last class – Tristan talk about STL and its origin after which we moved to talk about iterators, sadly part of the class did not record (first few minutes)

Link to Tristan presentation

On our next class, we will talk about algorithms

For now, that’s all, but if you have any questions, suggestions or would you like to help us, get in touch with me. My Twitter handle is @xxvms

Tom Breza
Group Host

People who attended class:
Tristan Brindle – Teacher
Oliver Ddin – technical assistance
Justin Mayer — technical assistance

Joshua Ewulo
Colin Newell
Ming-Jou Wu
Rue Chimbuya
Neil Burman
Halim Lais
Valentin Alexeev
Tom Breza
Plus 1 (unreadable name)

Online +4

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