20th Class

Hi Everyone 🙂

Exciting times ahead. As you might know, we are working with Tristian and Oliver on a number of things for our class.

First, we are having few meetings with potential sponsors that we hope will help us with our classes so our group become sustainable in a long run 🙂
Second, we are now planning a starting of a new course. For this course, we want to follow a book to make it easier to plan and prepare for you, our students. If you have any suggestion of the book you think we should use please message me.

Same time we have agreed our plan for subjects we will cover until the end of this course.

March 20th – March 27th: Iterators and Algorithms ( and their complexity)

– How to use iterators first then how to build your own iterator ( if enough progress from participants) – exact order TBC

April 3d: Phil Nash: testing, and using Catch

April 10th: Overview of Design Patterns

April 17th: Primer, revisions of concepts seen in the course up to now

April 24th: Optional test

May 1st : Start of the New Course 🙂

Please note our next class is NOT in CodeNode but instead in Mimecast offices at CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9AW – 20th March 18:15 – Please RSVP as I need your names for badges.

Now about our last class,

We had a really cool class with live coding lead by Oliver and we were completing our Pomodoro. During last class, we have added a number of functionalities, short and long break, intervals for a long break and finally disabling ability to change settings once Pomodoro is running to prevent cheating 😉

Tom Breza
Group Host

People who attended class:
Oliver Ddin – Teacher
Tristan Brindle – technical assistance

Joshua Ewulo
Colin Newell
Giacomo Sordi
Parvez Awal
Ming-Jou Wu
Laurent Bouvier
Tom Breza

Online +8

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