18th Class

Hi everyone,

Last Tuesday we had a class about adding sound functionality that will be used in our upcoming class. But before that first some news and updates:

1. We should soon have a permanent link on skillsmatter.com website for streaming and we will move from YouTube to this.

2. If you need a license for JetBrains please send me an email and I will email you license code that will extend initial 30 days trial

3. Files for running VM (Virtual Machine) on your computer please go this link VMforClass https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z_2lDcnrWVPCY4IEfHOMsMiq5WKHwh0H

4. We need your feedback – in order to get an idea if the class was successful, we need to hear from you. If we don’t get your feedback we are unable to improve.

5. Our classes are weekly classes with NO end. So as long as there is sufficient amount of students and teachers we will be running so please come along πŸ™‚

6. Contribute on our slack channel, our subreddit page with ideas and feedback.

7. We are in the process of working on new version of our plan with all what we have learned so far.

8. One of our biggest challenges is getting feedback, as without this we are working blind. Another big issue is that students arrive on the class without reading and preparing for the class.Β  This on its own it is not a make-or-break issue but definitely makes the harder process of learning for a student and harder for the teacher to assist such person. We are keen to hear from you any suggestions that might help with this πŸ™‚

9. On 3rd April we will have Phil Nash presenting Catch2 as one of our classes.

Now back to our class:
The last class we were working on playing sounds with the use of QT, first Tristan helped us to build (live coding) simple player that was playing the WAV file, after that, we had the task to expand on this project and make it ready to play other music formats such as MP3.

In our upcoming class, we will integrate music playing module into our Pomodoro timer and we will finish this project. In the end, everyone should have Pomodoro timer made inΒ  C++.

YouTube if you missed the class please find the link to our Youtube channel:

As this was mostly live coding there were no slides from this week, however, there is link to code https://github.com/CPPLondonUni/QtSoundsExample

Our next class is on 2nd March at SkillsMatter.com in London at 18:15 GMT and 18:30 for remote users.

Please let know other users about our class πŸ™‚

Tom Breza
Group Host

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – Teacher

Oliver Ddin – technical assistance

Donald Biggs

Ming-Jou Wu

Laurent Bouvier

Joshua Ewulo

Parvez Awal

Colin Newell

Rue Chimbuya

Tom Breza


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