15th Class

Hi everyone,

Our 15th class was really amazing 🙂 we had really busy class with lots of new people. During this class, we have covered Move Semantics and BitSet.

What was great we had lots of exercises and very interesting discussion, students had a lot of questions which Oliver, Justin, and Robin covered really well.

And now some updates:
– Our classes are weekly, we don’t have end of our course this is rolling course

– Feedback – what we teach on our classes greatly depends on students, depending on how experienced or inexperienced students are we will tailor our material we cover. In other words, let us know what you think.

– Please start at this page https://www.cpplondonuni.com/resources for a complete list of resources.

– Please remember to bring your laptop to each session as this is hands-on and it will be much harder to follow the class if you can’t write code.

– If you need a license for CLion please download a copy from www.jetbrains.com  where you can activate 30 days trial, once this is running, please send me an email to Tom@PCServiceGroup.co.uk with subject CLion license. In the email type your name, surname, and your email address (I have to keep track who received license).

– Link to Oliver class https://docs.google.com/

– Link to Justin class https://docs.google.com

– Our youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A67LJPpIUE

– Link to our next class Please RSVP on our website and skillsMatter

Tom Breza

Group Host

People who attended class:

Oliver Ddin Teacher

Justin Meyer Teacher

Robin Schoolar – technical assistance

Tristan Brindle – technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier

Joshua Ewulo

Bojan Komazec

Tom Breza

Ali Rouhi

Mateusz Dyda

Parvez Awal

Asish Irre

David Ps

Colin Newell

Kamil Wolny

Ernest Kissiedu


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