14th Class

Hi Everyone 🙂

First of all, I am sorry about the late publication of this class summary it appears that my workload suddenly becomes way busier than usual. But finally I found some time and I am catching up 😛

News and Update:
We are still waiting for the permanent way to stream our videos, our host Skills Matters is still working on this, so for time being, we will be using Youtube streaming facility.

For remote users that means you will have access to our class via our Youtube channel 🙂

Our sister meetup C++ London have another meetup booked for 19th February at skills Matters please RSVP https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10615-c-plus-plus-london-february

Our last week class was all about revision in form of exercises prepared by Tristan Brindle, Justin Meyer and Jakub Nyckowski – Thank you, guys!! 🙂

We had covered subject – Templates, Inheritance and Smart Pointers

Each person was asked to resolve this exercises.
Our initial idea was that we will manage to resolve all in one session but it turn out not possible. But a majority of people managed to complete at least one subject.

You can find the link to all exercises here:

Feel free to try to resolve all or some :D, if you are stack you can get help by looking at the repo itself an look for hints or readme file. We encourage you to log on to our Slack channel and ask for help there 🙂

To watch video from the class please go this link


Tom Breza
Group Host 🙂

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – Teacher

Justin Meyer – technical assistance

Robin Schoolar – technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier
Koku Kusiaku
Bojan Komazec
Joshua Ewulo
Tom Breza

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