13th Class

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I hope you had great week 🙂

But first news and updates:

– if you need CLion License please send me an email with subject CLion license and in the email, body put your name, surname and your email address

–  Our future classes will be taking place at Skill Matters and we have a room with streaming for each meeting. However, we need sufficient attendance for this to continue so please RSVP on skills matter website and come to our class.

– At some point, we will have to start classes again for less experienced people and we are starting to look into this. If you have a suggestion how this should be done please let me know.

– Our resources include Slack channel, Reddit subgroup and our website. Please contribute to all 🙂

About our class:

Our Tuesday class was all about templates and exercises.
We have done a bit of experiment with changed format, shorter explanation and more time for exercises.

You can find Tristan slides here.

I will be sending the questionnaire to get a bit more feedback from you, please bear this mind and contribute.

Our next session is all about revision and doing lots of exercises on following subjects

– Templates
– Smart Pointers
– Inheritance

So be ready to do a lot of coding, remember it will be fun.

Tom Breza
Group Host 🙂

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor
Oliver Ddin – technical assistance
Robin Schoolar – technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier
Koku Kusiaku
Bojan Komazec
Ben Andrew
Peter Tikilyaynen
Tom Breza

4 participants

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