12th Class

Hi Everyone

I hope you have great day 🙂

Yesterday we had a class that in our almost permanent house at skillsmatters.com that was lead by Oliver Ddin and Tristan Brindle.

But before I will dive into the class some updates:

1. I have a new batch of CLion licenses – so if your license expired or is about to expire please send me an email with subject line CLion License and in the body of the email please put your name, surname and your email address. I have to keep a record of all people that receive a free license.

2. Our next classes – as some of you might be aware I was working hard on getting our class online. My goal was to have the ability to stream all our classes so more people can join us. However at the beginning skills matter was not willing to offer us this facility for free, we would have to pay for each session around £400 which as you can imagine was a no-go scenario.
Luckily Oliver Ddin offered space in his office, and this allowed us to stream 2 classes. In the meantime Skills matter changed their mind and offered us free of charge room (where previously we could get a room only once a month and rest of time we would have to be in mainspace by the bar) with streaming on weekly basis.
As skills matter is a hub for similar venues it is a great space to be in as we can attract more new students to our classes we decided to move back.

However, next week 23rd January there is a full booking at skills matter and we can’t host our class there. Yet again Oliver is stepping to save the day and it appears we will be able to host our meeting at his office.

Bearing this in mind I would please make sure that you will check our website www.cppLondonUni.com as I will keep it up to date with details about our future classes.

For now, the plan is as follows:

23rd January class will take place at
CityPoint, One Ropemaker Street
London EC2Y 9AW

all following weeks should take place at:
Skills Matter/CodeNode
10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB

Online classes – until we are fully settled please pay close attention to our website, our slack channel and my twitter account @xxvms where I will put details where you can access class.

3. We are looking for Sponsors!
As you know, our classes are free of charge and I want to keep it that way. However, our teachers spend a lot of time preparing for each class. At the moment we can’t offer them payment for their time and effort. But there is a way that can help which is finding the sponsor(s) that are willing to help us.

What we are offering is :
Banner on our website – www.cppLondonUni.com
Logo on our slides in the class
Ability to run short talks/presentation during our class that is connected to C++

How can you help?
By asking company where you work if they would be interested to become our sponsor/patron.

4. Feedback – each week me and Tristan, Oliver, Justin and Jakub meet for lunch to discuss our next class. It is always difficult for us to select an appropriate topic, more experienced people have very hard time to spot places where we (students) will struggle and what subjects would be of interest to us. Based on this we need your feedback.

What I want is to get from each person that attended class an email after that class with following information:

1. How was the difficulty level for you: too low, just right, too difficult?
2. Would you like to have more or less exercise?
3. Would you like to revisit this subject?
4. Can you suggest topics to cover for further classes?
5. Should we give you homework or materials to read for next classes? (or both)

I do appreciate some of this questions seems hard/difficult but that are the questions we ask ourselves each week on our lunch.
Knowing what you think will help us to decide on further classes. Alternatively, you are welcomed to join us for lunch and voice your opinion 🙂  Ask me if you want details about lunch.

Finally about our class:

We had great chat about templates, where Oliver provided us with an introduction and Tristan follow up with more advanced part of the templates.

This was very good class and we had quite a few interesting questions from our students onsite and online.

Here you can find link to Oliver slides

Here you can find link to Tristan slides

Sort of homework – you can complete some of the exercises if you can, however, I think we will cover rest of the templates during our next class, so you might find that difficult.

Based on your feedback we will provide more or less of this 🙂


Tom Breza

Group Host 🙂

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor

Oliver Ddin – tutor

Jakub Nyckowski – technical assistance

Justin Meyer – technical assistance

Laurent Bouvier

Joshua Ewulo

Ben Andrew

Harpreet Singh

Rue Chimbuya

Conrad Jones

Harry Sculha

Tom Breza


7 participants


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