10th Class

Hi Everyone πŸ™‚
Yesterday we had an amazing class for a number of reasons.

1st of all we had class in a great place so we felt super posh πŸ˜€
2nd this was something I was looking forward to, this was our 1st class that was streamed online and this was done on professional equipment!! I do hope that we can reach this way people who want to learn C++Β  and are located in different geographical locations are unable to get to us due to their disability. I do believe there are so many amazing people out there that could be fantastic developers but due to life not being fair they are unable to join us onsite.
The 3rd reason we had really an interesting class about smart pointers. Tristan did spend a lot of time preparing for the class and you could tell.
and a final 4th reasonΒ  we had amazing pizza (thanks, Olio!!!!)

so what not to like? an evening with the great team, class about smart pointers, and free pizza πŸ˜€

As usual, we need your feedback, tell us what is important to you.
What do you want to learn?

Based on this we will be creating and modifying the plan for future classes. So don’t be shy and drop me an email.

Our next class is booked for 9th January, and I hope we can meet at our new venue and we will be able to stream it once again.

So I have a small request and I hope you can help πŸ™‚
Can you please twitt our post about next class, send it to Facebook, let know other people that would like to learn C++Β  about us. Help them find us.

As soon as I get copy of the video I will upload to our YouTube channel for people to watch πŸ™‚

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year πŸ™‚

I hope to see you all after new year!


Tom Breza

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor
Oliver Ddin – technical assistance
Jakub Nyckowski – technical assistance
Justin Meyer – technical assistance

Peter Koukoulis
Laurent Bouvier
Rue Chimbuya
Bojan Komazec
Joshua Ewulo
Neil Burman
Awais Talib
Tom Breza


Victor Ordu

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