9th Class

Hi Everyone 🙂

Yesterday we had great session lead this time by Oliver D. Principal Engineer at Mimecast

But before we dive into our class I have some updates:

1. Our next meeting will be on the 19th of December at the Citypoint building just by Moorgate tube station. Please ensure you RSVP for this as visitor passes will need to be issued and having names in advance will help us ensure a smooth event. More details in RSVP!!!

2. We are still looking for a sponsor that would be happy to help us with streaming our classes so people who can not join us due to work/life reasons or are disabled and are unable to commute can join us. So if you hear of anyone please send them my way 🙂

3. Our first session back in 2018 will be taking place on 9th January.

4. If your CLion license expired or is about to, please send me an email with your name, surname and email address in the body of the email and in the subject please put word CLion. I will email you the code that will extend your CLion trial.

5. if you have any suggestions about our classes and what we can do to make this better please drop me an email.

About class:
Oliver prepared for our class about one component that any developer cannot live without. Something that makes our work productive and reliable or when we make a mess we can go back without too much of bad consequences. In other words version control.

And if we talking about version control then yes a king of version control is the git.

Oliver shows us how git works, how to create branches, switch between branches. Restore mistakes, delete and restore deleted branches. Which command to avoid or execute this at your own peril or simply how not to be rude towards other developer and make their lives difficult.

From my perspective this was one great talk, Oliver will prepare some exercises you can do in order to get a bit more comfortable with the whole idea of Git.

Our next class will be lead by Tristan and will be all about smart pointers. So if you always wanted to know about shared_ptr or unique_ptr this is the class you don’t want to miss 🙂

Tom Breza

People who attended class:

Oliver Ddin – tutor
Tristan Brindle – technical assistance
Richard Thorell – guest
Justin Meyer – technical assitance

Adele Coetzee
Neil Burman
Peter Koukoulis
Awais Talib
Joshua Ewulo
Andrea Menaldo
Bojan Komazec
Laurent Bouvier
Rue Chimbuya
Tom Breza

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