6th Meeting

Hi everyone,

After week break we were back at for our class at Mirraid I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you for the support from Cezary and Mirraid!

Without your help, we would have to wait much longer so we do really appreciate this!
Thank you 🙂


1.Our next meeting will be happening at SkillsMatter on 21st November from 18:30 till 21:00

The mandatory requirement is to book at SkillsMatter website, and it would be good idea if you could book on our site as well, (I am sorry about 2 registrations).

2. If anyone of the students require a CLion license (as your IDE will expire any day now) please get in touch with me, (send me an email with subject CLion license) and provide me with your name and email address.

3. We have slack channel called #cppLondonUni so if you are not yet on it please go to this link https://cpplang.now.sh/ and join conversation.

4. Our local database – I want to create our internal database with names and contact numbers for all our members with info on who can contribute and what to our community.
If you could send me an email how you can contribute it would be much appreciated!
if you can help us with teaching or you can provide stationary etc that could be beneficial to the group add this to the email.

As we constantly look for ways to make our class to be different and don’t follow the same pattern as online courses where we spent a lot of time watching someone talk, we had another session where Tristan this time prepared for us a small challenge. Our group was divided in to 2 groups (in future we will experiment in splitting class into pairs) and we had to create game cross and circle sadly we didn’t manage to find a solution during the class, but consensus was that everyone wanted to finish this “puzzle” on their own before next class.

I will be meeting Tristan this Friday for lunch in Waterloo, at 14:00 if anyone wants to join and chat about our next session please do!

In order to increase our collaboration please add yourself to our Github organization, by doing this you should be able to contribute to our projects.

Tom Breza

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor

Cezary Podbilski
Neil Burman
Laurent Bouvier
Bojan Komazec
Awais Talib
Peter Koukoulis
Tom Breza

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