5th Meeting

Hi  There

We had another really great session.

– we have our slack channel! #cpplanguni
– if you send me an email with your details (name and surname) I will arrange for Phil Nash extension to your trial license of the CLion.
– Sadly we will not be sending any communication trough main C++ London mailing list.
– I made a suggestion that if people are interested you can come forward and review C++ books for our website and for our class.

One of the interesting topics from our chat was talking about not using loops in C++ code, where most of the code should be done with the use of STL. If Tristan manages to find link to this video I will update this post (or someone else sends me a link)

We have spent most of the time reviewing our exercises from our previous session which was very interesting and gave us a better understanding of the code.
Few people presented their solutions then this was compared to Tristan solutions.

With the remainder of the time, Tristan covered class constructors, default constructors and deleted constructors. Plus we had chat when and how to use manually generated constructors and when is better to use generated one by the compiler.

Once again our GitHub repo is located:


I am uploading video from this meeting, (I am sorry about the technical glitches with the video)

Part 1

Part 2


We had chat about Code smell there is great podcast that cover this subject!

This is done by two amazing developers 🙂 By BJ Burns and Will Gant

Part 1

Part 2

Our next meeting:
At the moment I am waiting for a confirmation if our usual place will be available for next Tuesday, as soon as I got this I will update our website so please keep an eye on our website.

I wanted to use this opportunity and thank Tristan for an amazing job and helping us with class. Once again big thank you, Tristan 🙂


Tom Breza

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor

Mhayk Whandson Da Silva Lima

Iancu Fofiu

Neil Burman

Laurent Bouvier

Bojan Komazec

Mark Barbaric

Awais Talib

Conrad Jones

Matt Lee

Alessio Gottardo

Peter Koukoulis

Joshua Ewulo

Tom Breza

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