4th Meeting

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we had probably the most fun session.
Not only we had the biggest attendance additionally we had probably the most engaging session.
As we are searching for best way to keep learning fun and make sure that our group meets challenges that will progress us further we have decided to run more such challenges in future.

At the start, we have split people into 4 groups with the mixed level of experience.
Tristan prepared for us a bunch of really engaging exercises and each group task was to fix the code so it would run through tests in Catch.

For now on what we will do is to run this type of exercises every few sessions to ensure that knowledge we have gains stay with us.
From my personal experience when I learn something new on first few days stuff I learned is clear and I can use it without too much trouble. However, a few days later this new knowledge fades and its harder and harder to make use of it. To prevent this we want to put this to good use and there is nothing that helps us better than challenge where we have to make use of this knowledge.

For those that want to play with different sort algorithms please go this url 🙂

Now our next meeting will be on Wednesday at 6:30 and it will take place in SkillsMatters (our usual place where we have normal C++ Meetup)

On this session we had really nice guests as well:

– Phil Nash – creator of Catch

– Oliver Ddin – Principal Software Engineer.

Once again very big thank you to Tristan for his amazing work, to our sponsor Mirriad for providing place where we can meet!

Just a reminder that on Thursday 26th at 6:00 (not as usual 6:30) we have meetup in Kings office. Please note this is NOT in SkillsMatters!!


Tom Breza

People who attended class:

Tristan Brindle – tutor

Phil Nash – technical assistance

Oliver Ddin – technical assistance

Cezary Podbilski
Awais Talib
Mhayk Whandson Da Silva Lima
Andrea Menaldo
Laurent Bouvier
Niel Burman
Joshua Ewulo
Mark Barbaric
Alessio Gottardo
Rue Chimbuya
Bojan Komazec
Alessandro Zumro
Justin Meyer
Len Gay
Tom Breza

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