3rd Meeting

Hi Everyone 🙂

It was great to see so many returning faces on our 3rd meeting.
It feels like we are building our core group which is very exciting as we can then move to more advanced projects 🙂

This week we have covered struct and few exercises with operator overloading.

As usual please go to our GitHub repository to find slides and homework from this meeting.

Hopefully by the time you read this Tristan might upload week 3 so go and check 🙂

I would like to run the short survey about our course so please answer my questions as this will definitely help. In the case when I don’t get answers from you we will learn JavaScript or Cobol 😉 so you have been warned.

Please email me answers to this questions:
1. Is the course too advanced, to basic or just right?
2. Would you like to have more exercises at cost of slower pace or more tutor talking at cost of fewer exercises?
3. Would you like us tutor to ask students to collaborate more in explaining part? i.e. Tutor asks student to explain what is the vector, how range loop works etc…

Can you please email me answers to this questions by Sunday 22nd October.

Comments – we are looking for best way to engage you in conversations.
At our repo (on GitHub) each week we will create the text document called questions.txt, where I will add any clarifications to homework. All students should have an ability to comments to this file if you create an account on GitHub. Please advise me if that is not true 🙂

As Tristan mention next week we might have Phil Nash – creator of Catch test framework! 🙂

I am waiting for permission to publish our videos from our classes, once this is done they should be live on YouTube

Once again very big thank you to Tristan for his amazing work, to our sponsor Mirriad for providing place where we can meet!

till our next meeting

Tom Breza

People who attended class:
Tristan Brindle – Tutor

Cezary Podbilski
Awais Talib
Mhayk Whandson Da Silva Lima
Andrea Menaldo
Laurent Bouvier
Niel Burman
Joshua Ewulo
Mark Barbaric
Matt James Scott Lee
Conrad Jones
Jakub Nyckowski
Alessio Gottardo
Tom Breza

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