2nd Meeting

Hi everyone,

We had our 2nd class and it was as successful as our first!

Again thanks to Tristan effort we have managed to cover review of our homework, and we have done an installation of CLion.
If you want to find out more about CLion – please use this resources

and please check youtube for more resources

From next week, everyone should have working IDE, and we could dive faster into coding which will be great.

As we write this I am uploading video from our class to YouTube, as soon as this is ready I will put a link on our blog.

On the good news, I can say that I had few interesting chats with experienced developers that are happy to help us with the classes.

One idea is that developers can come forward and pitch an idea for the project they want to present to the group.

The first project we might be able to do is webserver.

As usual please find homework at our GitHub repository.
I think is possible for you to comment on our repo so please do, let us know how you are getting on 🙂

If you know anyone that wants to learn C++ please send them in our direction, or if you know someone who can be tutor, please pass them my contact details 🙂

Question to our group:

Does anyone have white (paper ) board that we could use during our meeting?

We would need some sort of tripod/stand for that as well. If you do please let me know!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 17th.

Once again thank you to:
Tristan Brindle for leading the class
Mirriad company for kindly allowing us to use their office space – thank you very much for this!!
and all of our students for joining us 🙂

People who attended class:
Tristan Brindle – Tutor

Cezary Podbilski
Komugi SaraieKomugi Saraie
Andrea Menaldo
Bojan Komazec
Niel Burman
Assad Khan
Joshua Ewulo
Lennox Gay
Mhayk Whandson Da Silva Lima
Rue C
Laurent Bouvier
Awais Talib
Joshua Ewulo

Tom Breza

Alessio Gottardo

Tom Breza


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