1st Meeting

Good evening everyone 🙂

Our 1st meeting is done and we had great fun!

Tristan Brindle  was leading our first class and we have managed to cover most famous “Hello World” program.  He had surprised guest who was overlooking if the teaching by Tristan was to the highest standard. Our unexpected guest was Jackie Kay :).

As this was our first ever class we didn’t know what to expect, what level of experience people will have and what are their goals.

Based on our chat I think this was very successful session and our goal will be to bring people to the same level, so we can progress with more advanced subjects.

What we need is just  few things:

1. Provide us with ideas/topics you would like to learn about.

2. Spread word about us and if you know any people who want to learn C++ bring them along.

3. Help us find more tutors that are willing to commit their time to teach us.

I will provide list of useful links from Tristan slides probably in next day or so.

As soon as I get slides from Tristan I will update this post and place them here, so please refer to this post for further update.

In the meantime I want to say big thank you to

Tristan Brindle for being amazing teacher.

Jackie Kay for  providing technical support 🙂

Mirriad company for kindly allowing us to use their office space – thank you very much for this!!

and of course to all our students that came to learn with us.

People who attended course:

Cezary Podbilski
Assad Khan
Joshua Ewulo
Andrea Menaldo
Zahid Islam
Bojan Komazec
Matt James Scott Lee
Niel Burman
Mark Barbaric
Tom Breza

if I mispronounced anyone name please advise me and I will amend this asap 🙂

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